More then meets the eye, The Urban BigBore

When you think about a retro-inspired helmet your first thoughts probably about the old Bell 500 models you might have grown up seeing.

Or if you a newer rider you'll probably think of the Biltwell helmets. We love these retro-inspired lids and knew early on that we wanted to bring a product like this to the market in Brazil. So we created Urban Helmets and worked many years to develop and manufacture the retro-inspired products we love. (Yeah starting a helmet company doesn't happen overnight)


After two years in the game, we released our first full-face lid the Urban BigBore. Although we've had rocky starts, we have learned a lot and continuously worked towards making our helmets better, safer, while always maintaining that retro style. 

Today the BigBore is finally starting to get the respect it deserves. And the community response that we have received has inspired us to keep pushing the product to new levels. 


We are going to keep releasing the future BigBore helmets with two models. 

One model with three snaps across the top to add accessories like moto visors and bubble shields, but also includes the two snaps on the side's of the helmet to mount a face shield across the front.


The second model will be the BigBore OG. This is gonna be our classic BigBore design and will always include the clear face shield. 


We are committed to bringing you new products for you to use our helmets for any kind of riding that you do. We just released one of the most requested items to the shop, a tinted face shield for the BigBore. 


In the next coming months, you can expect new face-shields, new moto-visors, restocks of the recently released colorways (on both Tracer and BigBore models) as well as a handful of some new limited styles. 


If there anything you'd like to see in the BigBore or any of the products in our store please reach out to us and let us know. We welcome customer feedback and encourage our customers to lay down the truth when it comes to product satisfaction.

Word to the wise. If you ask us about restocking, the answer is most likely a more about this here

Watch a full review on the BigBore from Adam Sandoval here on his youtube channel.