BigBore Helmet by BIKE EXIF [REVIEW]

BigBore Helmet by BIKE EXIF [REVIEW]



We are pretty excited to share this review of our BigBore helmet from Bike Exif. They really broke down the helmet from an unbiased perspective and give a ton of good insight to anyone looking into picking up a BigBore helmet make sure to read the article to a get a full picture of the pros and cons of the BigBore.



Here are some of the best parts of the Bike Exif review:

"Urban Helmets’ BigBore full face helmet won’t cost you an arm and a leg—but its premium look suggests a much higher price tag."

"Out the box, the BigBore looks and feels great. The gloss black finish I opted for is downright classy, with a slick chrome trim along the eye port and bottom"


"There’s even some contouring on the side that serves no purpose, other than to reinforce the throwback race helmet vibe. Compliments abound whenever I wear it."

"when you weigh the BigBore’s attractiveness and general comfort against its relatively low price, it’s worth considering. [BUY]"


Read the entire article here.

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