Cali Cruising [PLAYLIST]

We bring you the second edition of our Urban Riders Radio motorcycle music playlist series. Cali Cruising playlist is our homage to the California highways and the riders who commute these breathtaking roads. We recommend this playlist on a long commute or bumping this in the garage when the boys are over working up for a ride. If chilling and curing is your only concern this is mix right there with you. In the parking lot listening to music, doing some stunts, smoking on palm trees or just enjoying the burning rubber with the crew. 

Guaranteed to sound better over a couple cold ones. Whether you are cruising through Oakland, North Cal, Los Angeles, or San Fernando this is your playlist for soaking in those chill vides. We kept everything OG making sure all artist featured in the playlist are originally from California. Less talk, more ride!

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We don't want to commit to any schedules on when these playlists are gonna come out. But we have a lot of ideas and we are excited to share some of these sounds with you all. To Listen to our newest playlist follow our Spotify Account and listen directly via the Spotify app. 

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