Lost In Miami [PLAYLIST]

Rollin' in my hood, twistin' on them Ds Hangin' with my partners, tossin' 40s on the corner. All South Florida / Miami rappers and hip-hop make up this playlist. Urban Helmets is based in Miami Beach. We dedicate this playlist to all the local Urban Riders. There aren't too many of us but we all share one thing in common, we don't mind taking the long way home. This playlist is about just that, getting lost in Miami isn't a bad thing. Riding down 8th street, drifting through downtown, flying down the causeways and treading through the beach. You might pick up a few glares and some compliments about your style of bike or just your style. Miami drivers aren't very forgiving but that's just more of a reason to ride the backstreets. Enjoy the ride!

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Photo by @bellaf0nte

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