A Letter From Our Team

When Mauricio Sepulveda created Urban Helmets in 2014, it was born as a part of Taurus Helmets, a motorcycle helmet manufacturer with more than 35 years of experience. As the number one seller in South America for motorcycle helmets, they operate two factories based in Brazil. With more than 2 million helmets sold every year, Mauricio saw the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor to fulfill his passion to build a premium motorcycle helmet brand. All that experience helped to build our new brand, Urban Helmets.

His rich passion for the motorcycle world and his desire to work within the industry started the engine to a new ride on a very open road. A project that started as a laboratory experiment for new ideas and techniques soon transformed into a lifestyle brand. Thanks to his commitment to designing something special, Mauricio ensured that Urban Helmets would create helmets to be used around the world. It became a success and is already the top-selling brand for vintage and classic style helmets in South America. With an eye for quality, Urban Helmets has expanded faster than anyone could have ever expected.


At the end of 2016, Mauricio and co. takes operations to the USA and worldwide. Serving the world with our amazing brand of bespoke helmets; we couldn’t be happier! Our products are already turning heads (literally and figuratively) all around the world. The dream of Mauricio to create his own bike helmet designs came to life.


At present, we are partnering with so many talented people: from builders like Yaniv Evan from Powerplant Choppers- to the artist Shawn Mckinney - and so many more. These are the experts and legends that, alongside Mauricio, are helping to bring this fresh approach to something that we love, Motorcycles! Just like our bikes, we have a long road ahead. You can be sure, though, that Mauricio and co. will be putting all of their heart and soul into making the best products for bikers and everyone that loves the motorcycle world. Keeping our eyes on the road, at Urban Helmets we’re looking toward the future - and you are part of it! Thank you for your support; we’ll see you on the many roads of the world.

The Urban Helmets USA Team.


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