Short History of Italo Penarrubia's skating career:

Italo Penarrubia is considered one of the most fearless skaters today! He holds the record for highest aerial distance recorded at the X-Games (2017) and he took gold in the 2010 SKB Vert Amateurs event. He is no stranger to extreme sports. An adrenaline junkie you'll catch Italo doing all kind of daring activities, from snow (snowboard), sea (surf), land (motocross) and air (parachute); whether for fun, training or simply to challenge his limits. A friend of Bob Burnquist and Brazilian himself from a Sao Paulo municipality called Santo Andre, Penarrubia is used to having a practice facility at his fingertips. In 2012 he moved to California to live in "Bob's House" or "Dreamland". Here he started to train and compete in other important events in the world skate scene, such as Mega Ramp, Vertical, Bowl, and Street Park. Today at 27 years old Italo is still making waves in the world skate community.


u: What's your morning routine?

italo: I always wake up, make my own açai juice mixed with fruits and proteins, after it, I go to the Gym and after all, I want to go to new/different skate spot to practice.

u: Having skated since 13 years old. What are some of the things that have changed the industry during your time?

italo: Since I became a skater, I watched a complete change on the skateboard market. As skate became an Olympíc Sport started being recognized, I am sure it'll grow a lot, nowadays skateboard is the second sport most practiced, coming just after football!

u: What do you do these days to be a better athlete?

italo: I am practicing treatments never used before on skateboard athletes and I try to always take care not only about the body but the mind and soul too.

u: You are an adrenaline junky - can you talk about some of your most daring stunts on two wheels?

italo: really like riding motorcycles a lot, especially MX, I really love going to the tracks and just keep jumping ramps, my favorite step is one of the Pala track on Cali.

u: You are now an official skater for the seleção Brasileira de skate. What do you think about the fact the skateboarding is making its way into the Olympic games? Will 2020 be your first time in Tokyo?

italo: I believe it’s a very special moment to skateboard and for all the athletes of this modality. New career tracks will appear and the skate market will improve. I’m doing my best to be there in 2020.

u: What do expect to see from skating community from Japan?

italoJapan is tough in everything it does, I'm sure Japan and I will get along and it will be totally kickass.

u: What are your thoughts on lifestyle brands like Urban Helmets and skateboarding?

italoI believe that is totally cool when brands as Urban join sports that are totally connected to the lifestyle but the market tries to split. This makes Urban Helmets becomes a sponsor that knows how to works with the real lifestyle.

u: WHAT DOES NOT CHALLENGE YOU, DOES NOT TRANSFORM YOU ... this is a quote by you. What's your next record-breaking goal?

italoI wanna beat my own height record in X-games.

u: The recent birth of your first child named THEO, do you think it affects the way you skate / practice / your adrenaline filled lifestyle?

italoThe birth of my son only gave me more desire to be who I really am and to run after my dreams no matter the case, be best in everything I do.

u: How do you see your life in 20 years now having an older son? Would you like Theo to be riding alongside you on the mega-ramps?

italoI’m 100% sure that Theo will like motorcycles, skateboard, and adrenaline because this will be our day to day routine. And for sure, with a skate ramp on my backyard.

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