Our Story

Urban Helmets USA


Who we are?


Tough question, not because we don’t know the answer but because we’re on the fast lane of evolution, let’s start from the very beginning…


We are a Vintage inspired motorcycle helmet company , born in Brazil created in 2015 by a real father, a real rider and most definitely a real motorcycle and fashion enthusiast Maurício Sepúlveda who was tired of the same looking  helmets in the market, wanted to bring an unique more exclusive touch to the helmet visual designs. Successfully starting in Brazil, in the end of 2015 we quickly saw ourselves with a new goal, expanding  our brand to the United States. In the end of 2017 that goal became a reality and we couldn’t be happier, to have found our selfs as a brand abroad in this competitive market (USA). Outgrowing also to Europe and Asia, and with a large interest in our brand from both continents, gave us even more room for growth. We had a mission, to bring our passion and all the exceptional success of Urban Helmets to the USA, for all the motorcycle aficionados overseas, and we’ve accomplished that mission but does not mean we’re stoping here, we’re always expanding, more and more constantly. 


Partnering with one of the largest motorcycle helmet manufactures in the world, “Taurus Helmets” , with over 40 years of experience in the industry, and being the industry leader in South America with two major keys, quality and safety.  Taurus has been providing us with top notch material, and a truthful handcrafted process in the making of each piece, an operation focused to deliver a large catalog of products, always prioritizing quality and safety. 


Our History began with our open face helmet model called “Tracer” with a variety of colors and designs but always with exclusivity in mind … Once they are gone, they may never come back. We set off a different trend that turned heads our way, with our fast growth and demand, and the need for a full face model The Big Bore Vintage was born, followed by it’s big brother The S Model with an Attached, Foldable Visor… but always be on to look out for new models coming to you soon as our creative minds never stops.


With an Open, fashion orientated mind, always getting involved in new things and ideas (Projects, Events and Collab’s). The Urban Brand never stops expanding… with partnerships that go from the apparel line all the way to the graphics on our helmets, multiple brands are in that mix…Dynamite Crew, Zee Dog and much more, to starting our very own Sponsored Flat Track Team In Brazil, joining forces with Dynamite Crew and Harley Davidson Brazil we contacted our good friends and pro riders Celio Dobrucki and Marcelo Simões which were more than up to take that journey side by side. 


The team kicked off in 2018 with the over-all motorcyclist athlete Marcelo Simões, born in the country side of São Paulo Brazil, with over 15 years as a Pro Rider with multiple international titles in FmX and now dedicating himself to Harley stunt riding and the flat track racing. 


We would be thrilled if you joined us in this adventure. Take a little piece of our history with you, try our products and support our brand.  

Less Talk, More Ride!


Our Values.

We are a family orientated company and we value good customer service, good quality products, safety and always good times.