Return Fees Policy

This page is for orders that do not qualify for a full refund but are still eligible for a partial refund. As long as your return is not labeled as UNRETURNABLE, you are still able to return your order. 

Please remember that we do not accept any returns if the tags were removed from the strap of the helmet or if you ship the helmet back without a shipping box. “We recommend you use the brown box that we provided.”


Return fees are percentage based since all orders are unique in value and size. 

Return fees for incomplete returns:

  1. Replacement Cheek Pads are open = 5% Return Fee
  2. Missing Barcode Sticker = 10% Return Fee
  3. Helmet orange/white box is damaged BUT was shipped inside a separate shipping box = 10% Return Fee
  4. Missing Visor = 15% Return Fee 
  5. Missing Replacement Cheek Pads =15% Return Fee
  6. Missing carrying bag = 15% Return Fee

**Only certain helmets include replacement cheek pads, visors, and stickers**

To simplify the return process, just return EVERYTHING that was included in the box.


The following returns will NOT be accepted and are labeled as unreturnable:

  • It has been over 30 days since you received your order
  • The item has been actively used or worn
  • Tags have been removed and are no longer attached to the strap of the helmet.
  • Order is not returned in a shipping box (The helmet orange/white box is NOT a shipping box).
  • Any items included as part of a "Final Sale" (from
  • No New Smells will be accepted.


Urban Helmets has the right to deny any returns that meet all/any of the invalid returns criteria. Please reach out with any questions to